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I really like Armadillo and I have always found Jonathan’s support to be fantastic. I have an issue and before going back to Nimblehost, I thought I would ask here first. I am using blog pages in armadillo on the site I have developed and I have added meta tags for open graph and twitter. However, for the life of me I can’t see these turning up on the blog page source code and if I share the page using the social links that I input to armadillo’s blog settings, it doesn’t use the og image I entered in the page’s meta tag section. This is an example:

sample blog

and here’s the relevant meta data from Armadillo dashboard.

Looks like the meta tags are in the URL you listed above (this is from Chromes inspect):

I just had facebook re-scrape your base URL.
This is what pops up when I hit your share button on that page:


Facebook has an excellent tool, for debugging your open graph tags:

Once you’ve entered your URL address, you will be presented with a debug screen that will show what og: tags it generated, any error and warning messages (you have warnings). This screen also will show you when the page was lasted scraped by facebook, and you can request a scrape again:

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You might want to adjust your image as it’s not the right ratio 1.91:1, and is smaller than recommended.

Also a guide for all the Standard Object Properties og:tags that Facebook defines:

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Thanks Doug. As ever, that’s helpful. As for the image, I thought it was 1200x630 which I make 1.905:1; I thought that would be close enough. Seems to work. Most of the problems I had I think were the duration of the facebook caching. The scrape tool sorted that. As for reading the source code, I think I need to learn more!!!

I have a slight problem still with the way Armadillo works, but I don’t think that will be easily solved. When I go to the blog page, it quite rightly displays the latest blog, but it doesn’t use the og tags recorded in Armadillo against that blog, so if someone decides to share it, they get the og tags for the blog as a whole, not for the individual post. That’s not ideal. The same applies if they search by month. I think I may have to live with that.

Thanks again for your help.


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