Armadillo Issue: The selected content is not available

Hi Everyone.

I am using Armadillo and I had everything working on my test website just fine. Now after a week or so things don’t work properly. I can’t get the posts to show up on the default blog / news page. I have the same issue on the test server with 1and1 and the live server at GoDaddy. I can get headlines and navigation to work, but when you click the link it will not display.

Like I said… everything was working fine. The only thing that has changed is my Foundation Plugins (basic Updated from Joe). Any chance that could be the issue?

Right now all that displays in the main content area for the blog is the following: The selected content is not available.

You can see it here:

I have put in a Support Request with NimbleHost, but I have not heard anything back as of yet.

I just linked to your page and did not get the message.[quote=“thebugnut, post:1, topic:5105”]
The selected content is not available.

I did do an inspect element and did not see any blog on the blank area.

Armadillo also had an update. On the 8th and the 10th of January. If you updated all stacks you got those as well.
@nimblehost snet out e-mails on the changes so you may want to check out there website but here is from the email:

The main Armadillo stack will now, as before, display content - but only Armadillo Pages. The only exception to this is if you have a Blog already specified as the default content in the Settings tab. I recommend everyone start using the dedicated Armadillo Blog stack for displaying Blogs created in Armadillo. From this point forward, only Pages can be selected as “Default Content” and they will only be displayed by the main Armadillo stack

We recently become aware of an issue that could prevent content created in Armadillo from being displayed on your site.

This particular issue only occurs when the main Armadillo stack is used together on the same page as the Armadillo Blog stack, and is a result of how supporting files are referenced on the page by Stacks.

If you have experienced this issue, you can fix it by placing the main Armadillo stack on a separate page of your site, and republishing.

Hope this helps.

Everything seems to show up fine for me. Using Safari on a Mac.

Thanks Guys

Everything is working again. It was exactly what @teefers said it was.

Alto Jonathan at NimbleHost support got back to me too and confirmed the change in how the Blog now works. Sorry to bug you all.

I just have a little more customizing to do and we should be good to go.

I just bought Armadillo tonight and I’m getting the same error. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong:

I created a blog and put the ID into the Blog stack. The main Armadillo stack is on my home page.

UPDATE: I explored more of the setup tabs when logged into the blog and discovered the problem. It wasn’t clear to me that the ID number I needed to place into the Stack was actually the Page ID. I was putting in the Post ID. As soon as I saw the Pages tab and noticed a different number, I was able to get it to work.