Armadillo - Tag Colour Problem

Hey guys and @nimblehost

Supposedly, this was to be a fun little non-profit project… but its tearing my hair out now. Been having a gruelling hard time with colours and some strange white dividers with the blog part of Armadillo. Been up all night trying to change the blog ‘tags’ from grey to black (so you can actually see them, against the book), they seem to ignore all theme styling and I simply lack CSS knowledge to make anything seem to work.

Also, these white dividers/rulers are driving me potty, I searched for a toggle, tried to code them away, nothing is working, they just seem to stay. Please guys, any light at the end of the tunnel? Thanks in advance.


I don’t have armadillo so I’m not sure if you have control in the UI or not but the lines are from
border-top-width: 1 px and border-bottom-width: 1px

You may be able to turn them off in the UI if not you will need to override it with CSS

Well, least that’s a starting point for something. Thanks @swilliam
Here’s hoping for any kind passerby for the rest.

This should change the text color:

    	.blog-entry-tags a,
		.blog-entry-tags a:visited {
			color: #000;
		.blog-tag-cloud a,
		.blog-tag-cloud a:visited {
			color: #000;

@teefers You’re amazing, it did it! Thank you so much

I’ll have a battle trying to make the rulers/dividers black, at last. I would settle for that, but thank you so much.

Don’t have one to test on but this might work:

		.blog-entry-tags {
			border-top-width: 1px;
			border-top-style: solid;
			border-color: #000;

You can change the width and color.

Also may want to add an indicator that the earlier change the tags are links: You could add a line after the color:
text-decoration: underline;

or add a hover effect:

	.blog-tag-cloud a:hover,
	.blog-tag-cloud a:hover {
		color: #00f;
		text-decoration: underline;

Change the color (set to blue now), to what you wnat.


@teefers Again, thank you.

For not having the stack, really helped alot and I’m grateful for the time you put in there.

I still have some white lines in places and my category part is confusingly grey still and not reacting… but I have asked so much of you already, I will send @nimblehost an email and see if they can advise on what these things all belong to and how to get it all black.

Again, top notch help, thank you.

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I do have the stack - just don’t currently have a test site to play with.

The gray in catagory can be handled the same as the tags.

         .blog-categories a,

	.blog-categories a:visited {
		color: #000;
	.blog-entry-category a,
	.blog-entry-category a:visited {
		color: #000;

You would also want the hover effect to indicate the link like above.
For the borders without a test bed, I’m looking at the web instpector and the CSS appears this would work:

		#blog-rss-feeds:before {
			border-color: #000;

Hi @Leon,

Armadillo does not apply any styles of its own, specifically so it will better blend in with your site’s native design. It will generate the same HTML source code as used by RW’s native Blog page type, so that your theme styles will be applied automatically.

In short, whatever color settings and native theme styles exist are what will be applied. Armadillo doesn’t add any borders or apply any colors.


Ok, I see and understand this alot better now. I think I can find a solution by looking into another theme.
Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: