Armadillo and changing themes

I used to use the Erebus theme and this is how my site looked back then on the left.

When I decided to change over to Vidrio theme, my Armadillo blog now looks very different as seen on the right. With giant days appearing along the side of entries.

Does anyone know what I can put into the Custom CSS section of Armadillo to try and get the blog looking the way it did in Erebus? Any help is appreciated.

It’s always best to provide a URL to the page if you are looking for CSS help.

Sorry Doug, the URL is http://CobraBlade.NET
The good news is I’ve almost been able to get it back to the original look with NimbleHost (Jonathan)'s help.

Ended up hiding the dates entirely though to achieve that, so if there is some way to still have a little date appear above my thumbnails like it was in the original though, that would be awesome.

If it also helps, what I’ve currently got sitting in my Armadillo Custom CSS is the following

.blog-entry-title {
font-size: 1.8em;
.blog-entry-date {
display: none !important;
.armadilloContent .blog-entry-title { border-bottom: solid 1px gold; padding-bottom: 10px; }
.armadilloContent .blog-entry-body { width: auto; }

Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you. I tried loading the link above and it took so long I thought the sight was down. Came back this morning and it eventually loaded but still took a very long time. Don’t know if you are having a hosting issue or something else, I’m not having any issues bouncing around the internet on other sites and I have a gigabit connection.

You also have some mixed content (Favicons) that won’t show up.

I don’t have that theme so I don’t know what settings/options there might be for formatting the blog.
They design armadillo to be a direct replacement for the RapidWeaver built-in blog plugin. Meaning it styles itself the same way the built-in blog page would look in the theme you select.

If you look at demo from this theme for the blog page:

other than the date format being different (you are using a Day or the week), it formatting they way the theme intended the entry to be.

You could get the effect you want with CSS, but it might be easier to pick a new theme. The Theme has a bunch of code dealing with the blog date, and it also seems to add its own stuff like class names (.vidrio-day, .vidrio-month, .vidrio-year, etc,). So you would need to figure all that out.

Here is at least part of what is in the CSS for the blog date:

There also must be something else going on like JavaScript to add those class names.

Thank you for that explanation. That actually makes a lot of sense then as to why I suddenly ended up with giant date graphics appearing next to my entries, much like in that screenshot.

Not sure what was going on with my website, has been fine when I was on it earlier, and again when I just checked now. Perhaps an issue occurred around the time you tried looking at it. No recent announcements of issues from Chillidog Hosting, so not sure.

You know what, you’ve actually provided me with enough to go off of with that image that I was able to pretty much fix it. In the Armadillo custom CSS I set .vidrio-day, .vidrio-month, and .vidrio-year all to none, and that did hide the graphic while keeping the actual date, so thank you for providing me with that.

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I recently updated one of my sites from Foundation 1 to Foundation 6, so not only the theme changed, but nearly all the stacks did, too. The one constant was Armadillo and, to my relief, it just worked.

That’s good to know Peter. Maybe the Vidrio theme has too much of its own CSS going on and is the exception. Admittedly, this was the 1st time changing themes that my Armadillo blog didn’t look the same.

The Vidrio theme is also messing with the images in my post summaries that would normally link to the full post and instead making them link to the images themselves. I’ve contacted 1LD regarding it as I don’t think there is anything I can do on my end to correct that.

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