Hit an Armadillo on my way to creating a blog... Colors Confused

In Armadillo

Question: How do I find the correct ‘item labels’ to change text colors
& is there a way to isolate the the date stamp from the body copy?

Objective: I am trying to rebuild a website I gutted in my spare time, with a friendlier theme.

NEW Method: I bought Reason Pro theme.
This time I am relying on Armadillo for the blogs.

I want a black background, on at least 1 of the (2) associated blogs.
Task: Currently, trying to adjust Armadillo theme colors to something closer to my preference.

Progress & Outcome: Mixed results.
There are general & blog color options to change server side in the Armadillo dashboard.
Those options don’t seem to affect anything, are not retained half the time. What are they for?
Its all fed from the colors in RW sidebar for those blogs.

Problem: Some of the items I want discrete control of, appear to be ganged with unrelated items. Specifically: Date & Time change color with the body text color.

Armadillo uses the same CSS styling that the delivered RW blog page does. You can easily override this either within Armadillo (on-line) or within RW. I don’t have a current test armadillo site right now, but if you have a URL to your test site, someone, here can take a look for you.

Thanks. I was intending to do it from RW.

Armadillio shows up as all javascript calls when I use web inspector in Safari.
Hence the question. I don’t do Javascript.

The color Settings within Armadillo are confusing & don’t save for me.
Picking colors in a blog entry is lame, espcially if its a lot. The swatch choices seem limited.

Does the theme matter?
I don’t know how the theme is set up because all the items shown in maroon (in the sample), are all driven from the one Content Colors > Text selection. I expected the body text color to be individually accessible.

(Maroon was just an obvious test color).

Compromise, if it works: If I can override the body color easily enough in a blog entry - I’m satisfied leaving a more intense color to drive from RW for Subheads within the entry - and then I can override just the body to a color more readable on a small device in bright sun. Its a pathetic compromise, though.

If I knew the name of the target would help, I suppose.

More later.

I’m not sure what your screen print is showing? It is a inspector image that just shows the body tag open. The javascript libraries in it are an old jquery (version 1.8.3, current is 3.) and a javascript library from the theme, both located at the bottom of the body (ere they belong). If you click the arrow next to the div id=“wrapper” more will open up.

Yes the theme does totally control how armadillo looks, it is a replacement fo the standard blog and uses all the classes and id’s outlined in the Theme SDK https://github.com/realmacsoftware/RWThemeKit/blob/master/Documentation/rapidweaver4_themesdk.pdf

My issue was FIRST, that I was using Chrome as a site viewer
& caching had me screwed up as the changes were not appearing after I made them.

This disconnect had me believing not all were controlled via RW.
There are color settings available from the Armadillo dashboard, under “General” and “Blog” Settings. What those do & don’t do is a mystery.

The image example: is a corner of of an Armadillo blog summary page
SECOND, in the Armadillo blog image, showing a collapsed list of entries–all things maroon are controlled & colored by one swatchbox inside Rapidweaver’s Master Style pane. (It was minimalist, just showing the effect, sorry).

One swatch colors both the date & the entry copy. I was hoping to split them & make the date a muted color. Being the SAME color is not a pressing issue with black type on a white background. However, if the page color is dark, its not needed at the same intensity & point size.

My reason: Its cleaner. On a bright sunny day & devices subject to glare - I think its easier to read bright copy on black or dark backgrounds. Head to your local racetrack & compare. :slight_smile:

After a glance to know the comment date, there is no need to have the date entry in your face (for example, in white or yellow on a black field, especially at same point size).

fwiw: I like breaking up the reading in a blog.
People live in Twitterworld now & sentences or paragraphs over a few lines are barely scanned most of the time (my supposition, no empirical evidence). Blogs, being text narratives can really be overlooked because the reader finds a block of text daunting, so it needs emphasis.

The easiest way to do keep it bite-sized chunks is with visual gimmicks. One of those is breaking up the copy & sort of color coding it. (Which doesn’t help anyone color-blind, but there is only so much I can do there).

Or I can use unnatural breaks in sentences that should be paragraphs.