Armadillo: Solo Content not shown

Hi all, i have installed a blog page with Armadillo - no problems so far. Now I tried to use the Solo-Content stack:

Made content in the dashboard
took the ID to the solo content stack

… nothing to see on the page. Are there any problems to use this feature with foundation?

No i have used it on foundation.
I just made the content (not a post) within the dashboard.

Make sure the ID # matches on the solo content stack and it shows up fine.

'Thanks for the fast reply.
I did exactly what you described. But no content is shown (I know this should be easy, but… it is not shown) :frowning:

You are looking at the .php version of the page?

Yes, I´m looking on the published site.

To illustrate the problem a few screenshots:

published page:

in dashboard:

in RW:

Okay, but thats not quite what was asked. Are you looking at the version of the page, on your host, which ends with a .php file extension or a .html file extension? Check the .php version of the page because that is the Armadillo rendered page which ought to, barring any other misconfigurations, reflect the content you allocated to the content ID.

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Thanks for the hint. I did not understand you right at your fist post. I publish the site normally via “publish” within RW. I took a look at my webspace and… you´re right, there is an index.html and an index.php. The site and the suspicious page, are invoked normally via index.html.
When I start manually via the index.php, everything is fine. What I do not know so far how I can manage that the site/page is invoked via the php page. Is there anything in the configurations to do?

O.K. seems as if I found it. the index.html is still on the page but this is an oder file. I deleted directly on the the web server and now everything seems to be o.k.

Thank you so much (THIS I wouldn’t have found out in hours).

Greetings from Germany


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Yes, removing the .html document on the web server is usually the simplest way to handle this situation. Just don’t delete anything until you are certain you don’t need it. Renaming first is sometimes a good strategy. I’m glad its working for you.

Greetings from dismal Scotland.

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