Armadillo - Slim Application Error on login attempt

I am getting the “Slim Application Error” shown in the attached screenshot when attempting to login to the Armadillo dashboard accessed at It says “Cannot change session cookie parameters when session is active”. Any help with this problem would be appreciated. @willwood, your thoughts? I am using RapidWeaver v8.3, Stacks v4.0.3, and Armadillo v2.8.0, and Armadillo Solo Content v1.2.0. Thanks in advance.

Slim is a PHP framework used in some RW addons:

The error seems to vaguely suggest a session cookie cannot be created, to confirm you are logged in to the system.

Perhaps a PHP update on your server means the version of Slim used by Armadillo in incompatible?

See if there is already a newer version of Armadillo to download.

Try a different web browser, on the off-chance the one you are using is having problems with setting cookies.

If problems persist, it would probably be better to reach out directly to the add-on developer @nimblehost

Hi Jean,

This particular error was fixed back in v2.9.0, please do check for updates and install the latest version (v2.9.4 as of 10/3/2019). Once you’ve installed the latest update, you’ll also need to re-publish your site from RW.

Hope this helps.

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