Solved: Armadillo setup problem: outdated database entries continue to be sent

I am really stuck in setting up a blog in a new project, using Armadillo (ver 2.9.8).

It seems somehow the stack or RW (ver 8.6.2) is remembering database login data that I used once days ago. Whatever I type into the database login fields (or even if I leave the fields blank) seems not to matter. I always receive an error message with the same old and outdated database login data.

In addition, or maybe fully linked to this, is the error message of a Slim Application error.

I have sent a request to Jonathan today. Unfortunately, I couldn’t upload my RW project file because it is too big.

Thanks for any help, it is appreciated.

Here is a screenshot ot my error messages:

UPDATE June 18, 2020: Jonathan was responding and helped me to delete on the server a line of code which saved the former login data. Now it is working! THANK YOU, Jonathan, for your swift help!

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