Armadillo update?

Hi Jonathan, do you have an idea when the next update for Armadillo will be available :wink: I’m longing (almost desperately) for the single image stack…

Thanks for any feedback.



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Thanks for the question @nemo55 - I take it using a Solo Content stack for this purpose isn’t ideal? That you’d want to limit editing of the content to images only?

Any particular way you’d like/prefer this kind of stack to behave? Depending on the complexity, it may be feasible to add this kind of capability to the existing Solo Content stack via an incremental update, as opposed to waiting for v3 (unsure when that will be, as my full-time job has gotten incredibly busy recently, and baby number two is on the way).


Hi Jonathan

Thanks for your reply. And congratulations for the new family member to come.

Yes, I could use the SoloContent stack (what I do for my own sites). However, unexperienced users / editors sometimes have problems using it for this purpose, especially sizing and alignments… I try to preconfigure as much as possible via CSS, but…

And yes, I want to limit users editing more than an image (headers e.g.).

So, a separate stack could be helpful.

Still, looking forward to seeing v3 when time has come :wink:



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