Artist Website: Slow Loading Payloom?

I have recently created a website for an artist using Payloom, but we’re getting reports of very slow loading times for the Payloom pages where I have ‘displayed’ her artwork. I’ve reduced all the image sizes so they shouldn’t be too large. Payloom warns when the images are too large anyway.

Link to one of the Payloom pages:

Would appreciate any advice,


You have saved your images as png’s so they are much larger files than they need to be. The one i downloaded was 1.2mg. They should be saved as jpg’s. If i save that file as a jpg with 40% quality in Photoshop, the file size is 85k. You save over 1 mg and that should make your images load much, much faster.

Adam at @Elixir recently recommended for compressing jpg’s and png’s. You should first convert your files to jpg’s then compress them at You will see a very significant improvement in loading times.


Nothing wrong with TinyPNG, just do not like that it is a web interface. Would rather have an app like ImageOptim or JPEGMini or Squash compress the images. Something on my computer.

To each their own. So far I’ve gotten amazing compression with TinyPNG and very little in the way of compression artifacts. For me the web interface doesn’t matter as long as it does its job, and when I get results like this, I am a happy person:

TinyPNG is very easy to use, thanks for pointing it out to me.

Stupid question: Does the Jpeg stay the same pixel size (for example still 500 x 500 pixels after process)?