Free responsive theme

Can someone tell me how to find or suggest a “free responsive theme” that can have a nine item menu bar always remaining across the top of the home page. A person would click on an item which would bring them to a page of pictures or copy. Once on either the picture or copy page they could click a different item on the menu bar and be brought there.

No shopping cart, video, bells or whistles are needed. It is strictly an informational site.

Thank you for any help you may render,

The Split theme that comes with RapidWeaver 7 is the only one that comes with the app that is free and has the menu bar stay at the top. You can see it in action here: could do the job for you.

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Thank you Robert, I clicked on the link and it seems as though it will work.

I will let you know how I fare.


Hi Jannis,
I downloaded Blankstrap and it is too complicated for me. Not your problem–mine. Thank you for trying.


Theme flood has a number of free responsive themes. You should be able to find a theme there that will fit your needs.


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