Other theme(s) goes all with Rapidcart Pro?

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Does anyone give me an idea which other theme(s) can work well with RapidCart Pro? I’m now using RW built-in Tesla with No Header. It’s fine now, just curios if I want to change to the new theme.


Hi @miti you can find some examples here: http://rcpro.4gnd.com/demo/#official

We offer a demo version of RapidCart Pro to let customers test if our plugin works correctly with their themes.
I suggest you to give it a try.

If theme’s developer doesn’t offer a demo version (due to how RapidWeaver is designed) ask him if RapidCart Pro works correctly.
We usually work with themes’ developers to make RapidCart Pro as much compatible as possible with their themes.

This is how it looks with EPICON from Michealdavid design, but I am changing the layout and colors.

STREAMLINE is another theme i like from Micheal David and Rapidcart Pro looks good in it.
I didn’t manage to get the permanent cart in the header but it’s there if I test the RCP demo project in those themes.

I still wonder how the RCP guys achieved it as I don’t find any code in the projeckt

I’m growing more and more fond of RapidCart Pro. It’s a great shop solution combined with either Paypal, Stripe or both.


This (enouqh.com) is a shop made with the Foundry Theme & Stacks – custom made layout.

Most of the times I use either the Foundation or Foundry theme. Both works well with RapidCart Pro

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