Aspen Banner Height

How can I change the banner height in the Aspen Banner.
I still can’t figure this out…help please.

I don’t have the theme, so that’s one for @nickcates.


Go to the Master Style settings and adjust there, then save those revised settings as a new theme style.

If you’re using a video, make sure the video’s pixel size fills up the space allotted in the Master settings. If not, I think you can adjust to the size of your video.

Two cheats I’ve used.

  1. Add the scroll down button.

  2. Stack the text/words of the title with “
    ”, though without the quotation marks.
    means line break in HTML-land, a sacred country where we all now live.

If you add
it makes things go to
line, so you can make your title sort of wrap around the primary visual image in your video.

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