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I have recently transferred a clients site from ‘Feather’ theme to ‘Aspen’.

2 Page style questions.

1: I have opted to override banner and dropped in a simple banner on a white background. However as you see from the link below, the graduated top banner background is appearing behind my ‘out-of-white’ jpg image. I did try to alter the grad colour selections to white thinking the grad would disaster or be reduced but this action simple produced a solid white area with my image banner disappearing.


2: On the ‘Formloom’ contact page of this site some ‘sub text’ type such as Captcha field ‘prove you are human’ and ‘Please score our website’ is appearing as light grey which is difficult to see!

CAN I ALTER THE TEXT COLOUR AS WELL AS THE ‘Please score our website’ rating boxes.


Aspen is a great theme!

To answer the banner question, I think if you change the colors in the Theme Settings, you should be able to achieve your desired effect. For the color, change the opacity to 0% and you should be all set.

I don’t have Formloom, so this may or may not help. I’d imagine that could be set in the stack settings, but if not, you could try…

In the custom CSS for the color of the text (you just need the hex code for the color that you’d like:

p.yd-sub-text {

color: #ffffff; 


For the rating boxes, try,

div.rating {

color: #ffffff;

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Thank you, I will try the custom css but I couldn’t find an opacity setting for grad banner and if I try to choose a lighter colour it seems to completely hide my dropped in banner image

Addendum to last email.

Your opacity slider idea worked perfectly, many many thanks!

Glad to hear it. Nick makes some great things for us to use.

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