Aspen Theme questions

Hi, there, apologies in advance for senior citizen questions with Aspen Theme…couldn’t locate answers in search…

Q1. I’ve got a logo on top left, and navigation/footer bar on top right. I’ve deselected “footer” option for the theme, but the navigation bar seems to reserve that space for a footer that isn’t there, and consequently the logo and nav aren’t level with each other. Can I raise one or the other? Where/how?

Q2. Is there an easy way to use “justify text” stack in a “left floating stack” so that text wraps cleanly and squarely around an image? Tried using “Extra Content” stack to no avail.

Q3. Can I toggle the font/field entry colour in the theme’s pre-bundled contact form?

Appreciate any help!

Q1. bit confused by what you mean ‘footer bar’ top right? Footer is as it suggests at the bottom? I don’t have the Aspen theme but a URL might help to show what you mean.

Q2. No althogh someone might supply a bit of custom CSS? Extra content is a completely different stack designed to work with themes that support Extra Content areas. Try Big White Duck’s excellent Scribe stack (free / donate) and use the Floating Image child stack to add a picture. The content in Scribe can be justified.

Q3. Not sure what you mean by toggle. If there are colour options in the Page Style area for the contact form I’m sure it will work. However, Nick Cates made some superb designs that were ‘as they should be’ and I would not be surprised if the Aspen theme determined that the contact form content follows the design of the the main theme.

I you want real flexibility then get a blank theme solution such as Source, Foundry, Foundation and others. However, whilst themes always have some limitations they are often very well designed and quite a bit easier.

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