Audio Files Website or Is It a Podcast?

I’m presently doing the conceptualization for a website that features audio files. It comes close to being a podcast but I’m still not sure that’s the best way to distribute these files. If it sounds as if I’m being a bit oblique, I am. I haven’t yet purchased the domain(s) for this website and I don’t want to take the chance of having someone get the jump on me. (No offense.)

Whether it’s a podcast or not, does RW have (with or without plug-ins) the capability to manage what could be multiple hundreds of audio files? It needs to be able to feature several files on the home page, and display in an orderly and accessible manner a thumbnail and brief text about each audio file. This looks like a 3-column grid in my head but I’m open to other designs, too.

Also, whether or not the audio files are produced by myself, I want to be able to wrap each audio file with an intro/outro that will, essentially, brand the audio file. Eventually, I’d like to be able to insert ads on the fly instead of permanently inserting them into the original audio files. (This is starting to sound more and more like a podcast, isn’t it?) :slight_smile:

Would I need to warehouse the audio files and point to them or simply store them locally?

I’m thinking that the primary use for this website will be mobile, so it has to scale down seamlessly.

Can I do all this with Rapidweaver?


Lawrence Standifer Stevens

This is a page done with RW:

But for what you want to do, I think you will need another solution like a platform which supports adding ads etc. and providing the online environment as well.

Poster 2 is able to generate an iTunes compatible podcast feed based on audio files: Sitemap, RSS Feed, and iTunes Podcast

Repository can be used for uploading audio files to the server.

That’s above the functionality of the mentioned stacks. Maybe Transistor is able to do that:


You display/embed you podcast episodes with the solutions identified in this thread. However, consider hosting your podcast somewhere like Transistor (also highlighted in the thread). You’ll need to pay a monthly fee, but it’s the best way to go.

Hosting the podcast on the site you’re developing will introduce some challenges. Specifically, multiple download and streams—and any concurrency—will consume a lot of bandwidth. Your host probably won’t like that, and probably has limits in place. Podcast subscribers will have a bad experience.

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