The Rapidweaver Show Podcasting Tools

(Chet) #1

Does anyone remember in which episode @dan and @ben talk about the tools that they use for the RW Show podcast?

(ben) #2

HI Chet,

I can’t remember which episode that was either, but here’s what we use:

  1. for hosting, iTunes RSS feed, and website.
  2. Cast for recording and editing episodes

We will be launching a new podcast in the coming weeks, and we are switching everything over to Cast.

When Cast first launched, it was just for online recording and editing of episodes, but they have expanded and now allow you to publish episodes to a Cast hosted website. They also give you an iTunes RSS feed — so it’s an all-in-one solution.

If you’re just starting a podcast I would definitely look at Cast first. Their online recording is pretty good, and best of all it allows you to have multiple hosts/guests — everyone just visits a URL in their browser, and you start recording. You get a separate track for each person. This has saved us a lot of hassle when recording.