Availability and Booking Calendar for Holiday Rental


New here, so if you could go easy.

I bought RW 8, plus some stacks, and am gradually working my way through a new website setup, but one of the things thats is an absolute is to have a new calendar booking system with Stripe integration, and Stripe payments, possibly as a seperate, but linked aspect.
I take payments directly in stripe, and used to use it on my website, until the code was updated, and I’m out of my depth, so took Stripe out of the website.

I Had Stripe advanced terminal, not checkout as prices are not fixed in terms of length of stay, seasons, pool heating etc, so a drop down checkout menu wouldnt be suitable, the gent who I bought the software off of through Envanto Market, no longer supports it… Bother.

The calendar I have still works, and you can still book with it, but for keeping everything compliant, its probably better to have SCA compliance on a fully booked out calendar system.

I’ve looked around at Stacks here, but they dont seem to fit the bill, hence asking the question; is there anything suitable I’ve missed. Most of the answers appear to be from 2015/16…

This is the current setup https://encantada-vacation.com/

Any help appreciated.


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