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Looking through the forum there seem to be a few Stripe payment options - Can anyone recommend a solution that works well for them and is easy to setup please? I only want Stripe, no PayPal.

I’m also looking at a solution that lets people book onto certain dates (events) - similar to Eventbrite, but without the cost - Yuzool seems to offer solutions to cover both bases, but not much info. Does anyone have direct experience?



Hi Nick - for the first part - what are you selling? Is it the same as part 2?

For Cart 2 for example, you just sign up for Stripe and put your keys from the Stripe Dashboard in the Stack and can start adding products.
This has PayPal but can be switched off for Stripe only if that’s preferred.

For part 2:

There’s videos on the Booking demo:

With this you’ll be able to take bookings for certain dates then take payment via any Stripe Stack afterwards to complete the order.

Thanks Michael, I sent you a detailed mail last week with questions, but somehow missed the video on the site. I need people to be able to chose an event to book - typically 5 or 6 events in a year, so the calendar chooser is probably not going to work.

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If you have 5 or 6 events in a year how about set them up in a Gird (Stacks standing Grid or another) and link direct to a payment page after that or add the payment buttons to the Grid? So taking payment or a deposit acts as a booking. You can follow up later with more info or upon successful payment redirect them to a RW form page to “complete their order” and ask for further info.

Good luck with the project!

Great idea Michael, thank you!

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