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I have been experiencing some very weird behavior with my websites lately. After making a few additions to content and reuploading, I noticed that the freestyle and hvjlider background slideshows have stopped working!

Case No.1 - A Flood 5.1 based website

All of a sudden, the freestyle banner slideshow on these 2 sites stopped working after I made a few insignificant changes in the date formats of the 2 contact forms and reuploaded the project.

I was able to alleviate the problem by deleting the @import function of PlusKit and substituting the actual freestyle banner on EACH page. This is far from ideal, but at least it works and I do not have an unhappy client.

Case No.2 - A XXL2-r theme based website

This project includes both a freestyle banner and an hvslider background slideshow. They both stopped working all of a sudden, so again, I deleted the @import function and substituted the actual freestyle banner and the actual hvslider on EACH page.

In this case, the freestyle banner worked, but the hvslider refuses to show up no matter what!

The astonishing fact is that the hvslider background slideshow does show up in Rapidweaver, but it disappears on the published website!

Of course I have republished all files several times. I’ve also checked to make sure I only have index.php or index.html files in each folder, but not both. It’s a no go every time, and has been driving me crazy.

The previous version, where the hvslider background slideshow does work, is here:

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