Lost website project mac crashed

Hi, My mac hard drive crashed and I also lost all my backups so I lost my websites
I have my own cpanel server and my websites are on it and all working.
How can I recover my websites, there where in RW6, I now have RW7.5.5
Can I just download from my server and create new project files.
What is the best procedure to do this. Any help will be much appreciated

I am sorry to have to tell you that, If you lost the project files AND your back up’s, you can’t recover.

You will have to re-build them.

Always, Always keep a backup offsite as well as on-site at a minimum, keep a copy of your project file on the web server.

RW7 will do this for you if you turn backups on.


I guess it would be a cool thing to have a feature or program to reimport RW pages…but maybe that will never happen…?

Scott, where do you turn on backups in RapidWeaver?

Nevermind Scott, I found it… Son of a Gun… I didn’t know that

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In RapidWeaver 7.x you can create “portable documents” which back up your sitefile to your web server. That way, you’ll always have a copy of your sitefile handy if something happens. Check out the video:


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