Backup option RW7 doesn't work for me

Using Rapidweaver 7. Publishing works fine but the new option to backup the project never works. I always get a message saying “Couldn’t sign in to your FTP server”… ??
I’m using FTP as method, connection 1 (Slowest), Mode: Extended passive
Tried other kind of ftp, connection, modes but always failed to do the backup. Any ideas?

Likewise - any suggestions from anyone ?


Same here. Backup never works for me either.

Backup has worked for me in the past. Is it possible that your host doesnt accept zip files maybe? (I don’t know if that is a thing or not)

It now works. I changed the address from to I don’t understand how I could upload the site but not the backup and now I can, but at least it works!


I just tried this (RW 7.2.2) but my problem remains.

Wild hair -
Do you have multiple destinations? / Multiple ways to get to your server.

I developed a problem recently that sounds similar as a consequence of having destinations or log-ins via RW publishing. Used to work. All I know is that when I deleted the extras (one ftp, one sftp), it started working again.