Backup to local drive?

I have two backups specified in my publishing settings. One to the server, the other to my local hard drive. I have never been able to get the local drive backup to work. With all the unreliable new behavior on Dropbox I have decided I need to backup more frequently and preferably locally. Is there some magic with the local drive settings that I’m not understanding? Does the web site address need to be set if the backup is local? The online RW manual does not have a lot of info about this. Thanks for any feedback.

Not understanding your problem.
Under “desktop publishing” the publishing setup is set to a folder on your hard drive.
The website address entered is the same as under ftp and I have the backup frequency set to “every time I publish”.
What is the problem you are experiencing, are you referring to viewing the files? (open with your browser)

I have settings similar to yours in my site prefs. I have one backup on the remote server and a 2nd for my local drive. RW will only create a backup on the remote server…NOT on my local hard drive. I’ve tried both “every time I publish” and “once per day” and neither setting will create a local drive backup of the RW site file.


When you say you have two setup, do you mean two different publishing locations?

When you “publish” in RapidWeaver I believe it only uses one location(the top one). If you choose a local drive it should publish the pages and the backup to the folder that you picked.

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I just created another destination for a local backup on an external SSD in addition to the original backup on my HD, then selected the new destination, and Bingo, it worked perfectly but no, it doesn’t write to both simultaneously, you must select the backup destinations individually.

These are not my only backups, I have several Time Machine drives AND I occasionally backup to a (cheap) DVD whenever I feel like it was a big change.

Okay. Now I see my error. I thought the local drive backup would happen on the “every time I publish” schedule like the remote server. I’m guessing it requires me to select the “local drive” option in the publish button? I have always had the backup frequency set to “once a day” on the local drive and thought that would work. It appears that it does not since I’ve never gotten a local backup.

Thanks for the feedback.


Btw, you don’t need to publish locally to be able to get a backup. The backup feature during publishing is a way to backup the main RW project file to an offsite location. For local backups, make sure that whatever backup solutions (yes, plural!) you’re using is backing up the RW project file from your hard drive.

Yep. I do time machine backups but I do prefer independent site backups for RW
as well.


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