Bars - New RapidWeaver Stack by Weavium! : D


Bars - New RapidWeaver Stack by Weavium

Bars is a one-of-a-kind stack for creating responsive bar charts & stat bars for RapidWeaver!

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Can the numbers for each bars be adjusted without using RW?

We are interested in this stack but I need the bar to adjust by someone who doesn’t do web development or have access to a RW. Say could a staff upload a text file with latest number and stack would update itself to the latest number?

Thank you



That is a great question~ As for now, the bar values can only be edited using RapidWeaver, but
we are trying hard to figure out a way to have the values inputted via an external data source like PHP or Javascript.

We will be sure to send out a post in the forums when we do figure this out.

I hope this answers your question.

Thank you~

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Yes it answered my question and I do hope you come up with a way to adjust it outside of RW.

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It would be GREAT if the numbers could be input via a CMS.


i’m agree with that suggestion

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