Foundation Theme does not preview in RW 6.4

HI there.
For some reason the Foundation theme will not show up in preview mode.

When I select preview - I just get a white page

All other themes seem to work.

Everything is up to date…

Foundation version = 1.7.4
RW Version = 6.4 (15176)
Mac OS = 10.10.5

Any suggestions?



The Foundation theme is a blank theme. You have to add the Foundation Site Styles stack and some content to a stacks page. Try that and see if it works for you.

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And the very first thing you should add to the page is the Page Styles stack.

Did this - nothing yet.

Thanks for the suggestion…

This - I have not done.

Will try this - this evening.

At what point will I see the header titles at the top (not sure what they are actually called) - they are the titles that remain at the top of the page as you scroll down the page you’re on?



If you’re making the plunge into Foundation, it might be worth checking out a couple of Joe’s videos here:

Foundation works a bit differently than other themes so it might be worth getting the full overview first.

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Thanks for the video tutorial link jabostick - probably will help clear up some confusion on my part.

I have used other Rapidweaver themes in the past - but this one appears to be a bit different in its set up behavior.