Basketball Schedule Stack

Hello RapidWeavers! I’m building a site for a basketball league and am looking for a stack that would be great in displaying the league schedule. I was thinking of just using a calendar stack, but was wondering if anyone knew of a better way. Maybe someone out there has already done this and can help with suggestions.

As always, thanks to everyone willing to help me out.


@joeworkman has a CSV stack.
It says it’s not CMS editable but it does work with Total CMS, Easy CMS, and probably other CMS that use macros.

I’d also suggest you take a look at Grid Iron 3 from Chillidog. This will allow you to create the schedule in Excel or Google Docs and then display it as a fancy table in Rapidweaver. Columns can be sorted, searched, all sorts of things.

Thanks Brandon. I will check it out.

Thanks Rob, I will take a look at it later tonight.