Best addon for drama audio and images

I want to build a site for iPad/phone site that has pages which can deliver audio drama episodes with images. Ideally switchable (and downloadable?) to audio only. I am new to RW6 (and to site building) and am not always able to translate what an add-on or RW6 is capable of, so forgive me if something very obvious is out there. Very newbie newbie here.

It seems like you could accomplish what you want by creating a video (hosted at YouTube or Vimeo) and an all-sound version. There are several stacks that can help you with videos, but you can also use the embed codes from either YouTube or Vimeo to do the job.

There aren’t a ton of audio stacks but you might want to consider the Player stack:

If you want to maximize reach to audiences you might want to consider audio-only via SoundCloud.

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