Rapidweaver site built for Voiceover Actor

I’m a voiceover actor who tried RW 5 for a while but never could embrace it so I went to WordPress. After messing around with RW 6 I’m now convinced I can build my site to fully put my voice acting chops on display.
Can anyone recommend what I would need (Plugins and the like) to put audio and video demos up on a site, FTP page and maybe even a calendar (to show availability for bookings)?
The big ones are demos that are easily accessed.

Well, first get Stacks, as this is very important. Next, for calendar, only thing I can think of is Yabdab’s Datesnap. There are a ton of video stacks, all depends how you want to host them. Self hosting, a good one is Joe Workman’s HTML5 Video Stack. If you want to host with YouTube or Vimeo, there are a ton of options out there, but Joe also has a YouTube stack and and a Vimeo stack, but as I stated, there are a bunch of other one’s out there.

Audio, again depends on how you want it to be, but Joe has a great HTML5 Audio stack that could for you.

Hope this helps you out!

Hi zamboknee,

I’m not sure if it will give you any ideas, but I have a music site with the Joe Workman HTML audio stack, youtube stack, plus a store and a detailed contact me page. More than one way to achieve what you want, but I always found real examples useful when I was looking for something similar. I host the audio clips myself, but I guess I could have put them in Soundcloud for extra exposure.


CloudNine is an excellent responsive, free, SoundCloud player stack


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Any FTP plugin suggestions?
Thank you so much for your recommendations.

Do you mean something like Joe’s Dispatch stacks?
Dispatch Dropbox
Dispatch Server
Dispatch Amazon S3