Best blog plugin CMS for RW

I’m looking for a blogging solution. It must include the ability to categorise or tag posts and have a search facility for people to find posts by either category or tag. It needs to be responsive and allow media integration such as video and podcast. It also needs posts to be able to be made without the need for RW.

There are a few solutions to this problem. I use Armadillo and I love it. The only point you make that I’m unsure of is “media integration”. I can’t imagine this being an issue with any CMS: you are simply inserting some embed code from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc. Or are you looking for something more specific?

At any rate there’s Armadillo, Total CMS, Pulse, and probably a couple more that I have not thought of.

Thanks @Mathew.

I’m using an Amazon s3 bucket for media.

The question remains about tagging or categories and searching?

With Armadillo tagging and categories are fine. Probably with the others as well.

Searching: not so much with Armadillo. Maybe with others. However, it is pretty easy to set up a search (although somewhat manual) within Armadillo using 1LDs search stack called Live Search. But searching is not built into Armadillo.

You can tag and search with Total CMS

“Searching” tags and categories is available in armadillo also. User can select the tag or category in the sidebar which will display the related posts.