GDPR - allow to load a stack only if the user has confirmed

Hi, we are using the Social Stream Stack from Rapid-Ideas for some years now to show our Facebook posts also on our website. According to GDPR, we need to ask the visitor for a confirmation before the plugin is loaded, to avoid that the ip-address and maybe other information about the user is transferred to FB when displaying our FB stream on our website. It would be nice this confirmation would be stored in a cookie. So this confirmation is only needed once for each visitor.
Is there some stack available, which could realise this?


Here is a link for you:


It‘s not so difficult to implement this in Rapidweaver projects. You have to implement some scripts, link to the and to load a library to your server

Maybe there is a developer who can make a stack from this…

I’d check out Cookie Manager from Stacks4Stacks.

Thanks for your comment. I´ve read on other sites that Shariff is used by many web developers. I am surprised that there is no stack already available for it. I would buy it definitely.

Thanks Rob. That looks interesting: “…can look for existing cookies and conditionally load stacks or other content”.

it’s free but if you make a donation, @willwood has a project with examples all ready to go.


Ah good to know. I would have donated anyway.

Just donated. But was not able to leave a comment. So will have to contact @willwood directly and ask for the sample project.

But maybe i get it running on my own in the meantime. :wink:
Thanks again for pointing me to that stack.

As far as I know, you are only able to display the number of FB likes. When pressing the Shariff button, you are then redirected to a „share this Facebook post“ page, and not actually raise the like number by one. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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