BEST SEO Plugin. Which one?

Hi everyone, I’m totally new to RW and need to know:

what are your recommendations for the best SEO plugin tool?? I am familiar with SEO practices but I’m not expert and I need a tool that plugs into RW that will do most of the heavy lifting: from meta tags being placed infall of my pages, to checking each page for SEO content/compliance, to popping up good reminders/SEO advice to make sure that I’m covering the SEO basics for my pages and my site.

I also know of the sitemap and robots docs that need to be in my site at the root level, too. I have found free tools to gen them but it would be nice if such capability were built into the SEO plugin

Thx everyone!!!


Your first port of call should be the Health check built into RW8. It’s certainly a good way to pick up all the basics like page names, descriptions, ALT tags etc.



RapidWeaver generates an xml sitemap by default as well as puts meta tags to index by default.

Plus What Rob (@robbeattie) said.


Hi @aragorn7773

I am obtaining some superb results from Google and Bing using the new SEO Stacks from @joeworkman

It’s a huge amount of work to undertake but if you want results…


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Can you guess when I started using SEO Helper on my site? This is a search performance graph from Google search console.


Hey everyone!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR RESPONDING!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Your answers really help me move in the right direction.

Is SEO Stacker and SEO Helper the same thing?

Plus, I’m looking for “easy” to learn plugin for this purpose because I"m new to RW and to SEO. I"m learning a lot bout SEO but I need a plugin that will take the heavy lifting off of my shoulders. Especially as I craft websites for others.

My goal is to be a website designer using RW and I want to be able to advertise adding SEO capability - that doesn’t take a year to learn! hahaha. First at a basic SEO level and then at an intermediate level.

Thank you so much everyone!!

Watch @joeworkman 's videos about SEO on his YT channel. He walks you through using his stacks step by step. This one: and this one:
I watched them starting with ZERO SEO knowledge and used the stacks very successfully on my second ever RW site. So not hard to learn at all. Took me one Sunday to crack it and I’m pretty thick! I’m not pretending to be an expert now, but I feel confident I can produce an adequate standard to offer it to clients :smile:


I’ve started to watch these videos… and now I see why this product/plugin is worth raving about… the videos are pretty detailed… Thank you! this is what I"m looking for


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