Yoast like SEO plugin for Rapidweaver

I’m looking for a Yoast like SEO plugin. For people who do not know what this is, it is a SEO plugin for Wordpress websites, it automates Schema.org metatags and also sitemaps, and many more SEO like stuff. For sitemaps it not only builds the links of the pages but also all the images with alt tags and a lot more. This can help tremendously with your page ranking and can save a lot of manual labour.

To my knowledge their isn’t a plugin for Rapidweaver like that, I have SEO helper of Joe Workman (can do a lot but mostly manual) and Sitemap plus. I build a videositemap manually (I am a co owner of a videoproduction company) which is a lot of work and I can not incorporate the updating of this videositemap in my daily routine.
So automated updating and extended functions of a lot of SEO stuff is what I need. If there is no such plugin for Rapidweaver yet, is a Rapidweaver plugin developer willing to start to develope such a plugin?

Love to hear some reactions

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I think this will not be possible with RW. To do this, you would need a database driven approach like WordPress does. E.g. as soon as you use warehoused images, the plugin will not know about image titles, alt names etc…

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@Fuellemann Rapidweaver itself is the database, right? Even in case of warehoused images you enter the location of the image and other meta information. But if this is the only thing the plugin has no information about, the warehoused images can be excluded.
Any developer who can share some knowledge about how to approach this?

Yoast is mainly a suggestion tool made for WordPress, although it’s quite popular I don’t find it all that useful. There are different tools that give more trustworthy suggestions than Yoast. Maybe you can use one of them alongside Rapidweaver?

I’m currently diving deeper into the schema.org stuff. I’m interested in the JSON+LD data that SEO helper of Joe Workman also provides. Everything I could find until now is that you have to put in a lot of manual labour to add all this data to your website. I’m hoping that some/a lot of this stuff can be automated.
Besides that, if you have any links to other suggestions tools, I would love it if you would like to share them!

No, RapidWeaver is not a database, but a program that uses a proprietary project file. Wordpress stores the actual content in a mySQL database and “creates” the page on the fly for each page for every single user.

RapidWeaver,for the most part serves static pages that are generated once at publishing time.

There’s nothing like a “Yoast” plug-in (starts at $89 a year per domain)for RapidWeaver, and I wouldn’t think that you would get much closer than what you have with Joe Workmen’s SEO Helper.

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Not sure if we’re allowed to post links, but I’ve been using a tool called Ink lately. It’s in beta right now, I’m planning on using it until it switches to paid probably. It’s way better than Yoast and it’s its own app, so it would work with Rapidweaver as well. I didn’t have to explore the full functionality yet but it gives great suggestions on the content. Still some parts missing though.

Thanks Lorthemar, I will check it out. The website says it is a wordpress tool but maybe it is usable with Rapidweaver. How exactly do you use it and what parts of this tool are useful to you?

Hi Rico,

After I’m done with preparing my content, I just copy+paste it to the tool. After that it checks the SEO quality and the writing quality of the article and provides suggestions. I think it crawls the SERP for your parent keyword and related keywords. I haven’t used any other part of the tool to be honest. I just use it to fine-tune my content and it’s way better than Yoast at that.

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