Error message with stacks albums

Hi There I am having problems adding a page with multiple photo gallery images. I am using stacks and have tried the following photo album/galleries

PhotoGallery 2
Gallery 3
Photobase/Photo Group.

I am adding the images one at a time from a folder on my hard-drive. and occasionally get the error message i have attached.

Oddly even if i delete all photo album/gallery stacks from a page leaving text and buttons only and try to pre-view I STILL get the same message and the pre-view shows images on the page that I have already deleted.

This is driving me nuts, please help with any suggestions. Am I better storing the images online and doing that way, in which case is there a guide on how to do that anywhere!

Thanks in advance

Well, either a RW or Stacks plugin problem.

Are you on latest RW7 (7.4.1)?and Stacks Plugin 3 (3.2.7) versions?

Hi there

Firstly many thanks for your reply

I am on RW 7.5

And gallery stacks 3.3.1
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RW7.5 is not existing until now. Best is to send this problem to

Hi There

I am on RW 7.5 using the ‘use Beta updates’ option as recommended by RW in an effort to solve the issue I raised on the site.

That issue seems to be a RW issue as yours is not he only photo gallery type stack affected.

However I would be grateful if you could help out on two other issues.

1: Using Gallery 3.3.3 is it possible in regard to the image caption, to replace the automatically generated stacks image number with the file name. I have about 1600 images on this site and I would prefer not to have to manually enter the file name.

2: On one of my pages I changed the number of image columns fro 5 to 2, this works fine on pre-view but when it is published those images are still showing as 5 columns. I have supplied a link below.

PLEASE NOTE It is the top gallery 'South Window" that has been altered to 2 columns and ‘West Window’ to 3 columns.



That’s actually a question for @isaiah if it is possible to keep the original file name of an image, which was dragged and dropped (or in any other way) put onto a Stacks page. Afaik that’s not possible.

Only if you use the web folder integration: inStacks Software | Gallery Stack 3 - The most versatile and kick-ass Photo Gallery

But there, images are sorted by file name alphabetically.

The image thumbnail grid you have currently on your published site isn’t able to restrict columns. So I guess your publishing was unsuccessful. Please try to republish the page.