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Hi everyone, is there a template out there that is good for a video wall like this one I linked to this post?

There appears to be no real link. You have a link to the image, but not to the site. Hard to know without taking a closer look at it.

There are a couple of video wall stacks out there, but they don’t have quite the same look. If you are creating something with a set number of videos then you could achieve the same look as above using some of the great grid stacks and inserting relevant Vimeo/YouTube links in each grid cell.

… just not sure what you’re really after.

It is the JPG image in my post. This is the screen shot of the webpage. Each box represents a video clip on the site. If you click on it the video pops out to a separate box to play on top of the screen.

You can kind of do this with Video Wall. See it in action here

I use this one for our website and I like it,


I am sure he can do the same thing with video wall stack without a static player by removing the gutters.

There are some other options.

Nick Cates has a stack called, I think, Velvet. Worth looking at that.

I also like the YouPlay stack:

And I’m not sure this one will come close enough, but there’s Will’s uTube Channel stack:

I believe Velvet is where you get the most control of look and feel, but one of the others already mentioned (including Joe’s Video Wall) may meet your needs.

There are two examples on my page now if you missed it. The Static Player and the Lightbox Player. Both very customizable so you can have it look the way you like. I know there is a blank space in my example, but you can drop anything in there, and you can refresh my page and now see an image asking you to choose a video.

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Sorry, I didn’t notice the nav topbox at the top with the other example at first. Yes your second example is what I was posting about.

Joe Video wall lightbox without the gutters.

thanks guys, they are close. What this page does which is what I am
looking to accomplish is when you select (click) the video frame. The
video player pops up ontop of the video wall screen blurring or darkening
it out as the player itself stands alone on top playing out. I will
explore some of your suggestions to see what will work best for me. Thanks.

Bill Fleming, I think your video wall looks close to what I want; I am
going to search some examples of the using the lighbox appearance.

Video Wall is what I was also talking about and my example shows a lightbox as well:

I think you meant to thank zeebe. We mentioned the same stack but zeebe was the one that set up examples for you to check out.


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