Looking for a video wall with a twist

I have a client who needs a video wall with a twist - they LOVE the look and feel of the screenshot below, but when the video is clicked, they need the visitor to be directed to the video on the client’s YouTube channel, not a video in a Lightbox or a static player on the client’s site. Does anyone have a suggestion on a stack that might do this? Or, an easy way to implement?

Seems like it would be easy enough to put thumbs of the videos in a grid and have them linked to the corresponding Youtube url. Stacks4Stacks Image Wizard has an overlay of the Youtube play button thing that might be handy.

ImageWizard RapidWeaver Stack | RapidWeaver Community

But maybe I’m missing something?

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Very easy to pull this off with my ProGallery stack.

Setup the thumbnail grid layout as you normally would. Choose from any of the 12 grid layouts available or make a custom one using your own code.

For Lightbox Type, set this to No Lightbox. Optionally you can use the checkbox option in the ‘No Lightbox’ sub-stack to still have your links open in new tabs.

In your image / video sources box, add a YouTube Playlist and configure it using your own YouTube API key.

Finally, in the main ProGallery settings, check the Thumbnail Titles & Captions option. But you may want to disable the display of captions, using the Display Toggles option. Just configure it to only display the titles. Customise the title alignment, font sizing and colouring however you want.

When the page is first viewed, the user will see a nice thumbnail grid like this, populated with all the thumbnail images from your curated YouTube playlist or channel:

When a thumbnail image is clicked, it takes the user onto the YouTube website, to watch the video and use the normal like, subscribe, and commenting options:

ProGallery is clever! If it detects that you have disabled the lightbox, then it will readjust the thumbnail links to https://youtu.be/VIDEO_ID where ‘VIDEO_ID’ is the ID of the video. The user will get redirected to the YouTube website, when they click a thumbnail.

Of note, the above is based on the updated (development build) ProGallery stack, not the one currently for sale on my website. The development build supports YouTube video titles and captions better, which I don’t think the current version does. And has an improved codebase for compatibility with more hosting companies. Plus some other useful changes, like hiding ‘private’ videos in your gallery.

ProGallery is truly a “setup and forget” solution for creating a YouTube gallery. By that I mean, once you have it configured, then new videos you (or a client) add to a playlist will always show on your website. No need to republish from RapidWeaver each time. The gallery updates to reflect whatever is in the video playlist. Thumbnail images come straight from YouTube.


Great - thanks, Will. I’ve purchased version 3 and it is working exactly as you describe! Is there a way I can go about acquiring the development build? Many thanks.

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Thank you again, Will. This is exactly what my client was hoping for. While there are plenty of reasons for keeping visitors on a client’s site, sometimes a case can be made for directing them away. In this case, that’s exactly what they wanted. David Kennedy is on You Tube

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