Big store in the rapid cart pro/

I need to create a really big store in the rapid cart but options in th kit is not enough: for example I want to sale a lot of different goods like shoes, trousers and t-shirts. to do this I need at the home page a three buttons which pass me at the different catalogues: shoes can be by adidas, nike, NB. Each pair have different colors and sizes. Catalog three looks like
type (shoes, trousers, t-shirts)
brand (adidas, nike)
model (air, 576, ecu)
size (39,40,41)
color(black, green)

In the rapid cart I can do all to brand from bottom. I do not search ability to place three different types of goods at the one store. That’s why I create a page with three different stories created like different pages.

it’s here

This is just a example to take you understanding how I want to see online store. Can anybody explain how can I do this in one page with different types of product?
how pass cart value from page to page at this project from example (if do it on rapid cart pro is impossible )?

It’s possible that I do not totally understand your question. Have you seen the sample store?

Would that be along the look of what you want?

For categories you would have Shoes, Trousers, T-shirts
And then take care of the rest (brands, colours, sizes, etc) with Tags and product versions.

Thanks for reply,
I need the same like at the picture - at the home page visitor see a categories, e.q. Shoes, Electronics, T-Shirts, etc
when visitor click on category hi can see all products in this cathegory.

In your example t-shirts, hats and backpacks mixed together visitor see at the homepage