Rapid cart Pro Tags

Is it possible for a user to select multiple ‘categories’ or ‘tags’ in RapidCart Pro, I’m looking to sell a product that is applicable to four different levels:


I’d like a user to be able to select more than one level at a time (eg. Beginner & Intermediate) to display all the products that are available in both those levels, at the same time?

I’ve downloaded the demo of the latest version of RapidCart Pro an I haven’t found a way to do this yet.

Appreciate any suggestions on alternative ways of doing this if it isn’t possible in RapidCart Pro.



Hi @mark,

This probably isn’t the answer you were looking for but one way to do it would be to create a “Beginner/Intermediate” category or tag in addition to your “Beginner” and “Intermediate” tag and assign that to the products you’d like to appear when the user selects the “Beginner/Intermediate” tag.


Hi Beem

That’s a fair point, which I hadn’t thought of. Unfortunately, I’m going to have other tags an categories as so it will get very messy trying to second guess all the combinations a user may want to display.

Basically I was expecting to be able to allow a user to select multiple different tags and display all the items with those tags selected.

Many thanks

Unfortunately not, I dropped a support question with exactly the same question last week. Maybe it is filed as a feature request, I would not be surprised we will see it in the near future as it is amazing how quickly this product evolves to the software of choice for digital shops.

Thank you, EricW, for your kind words. :+1:

I confirm multiple categories/tags selection is not available at the moment.
Thanks for your suggestion.
We will definitely add it to our to-do list.

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