Questions about rapid cart pro

(Alex) #1

Hello, I doing a shop with your program and now I need change or add this:

  1. can I change positions of the catalog and categories/search thumbnails? Now catalog placed at the left corner - I need right.

  2. any ways to create shop when at the start page you can choose a category without catalog shown? Like at the amazons’s start page?

  3. any ways to add something between cathegory-version-option properties? Imagine that you are going to sell boots. You need to have page where you can:
    choose good’s category - boots or pants (and you choose boots) - and these I needn’t a catalog, just a category’s switcher
    than you need to choose brand (adidas or puma) (your choice - adidas )
    than you need to choose model (for example, between ace and ecu ) (you need a ecu model) - here you need a product photo
    than you need to choose color (black, green and red) (you choose red one) - here you need a color photo
    than you need to specify a size

Can you take me a solutionб step-by-step how can I sell this with rapid cart?