RapidCart - Multiple RapidCart Pages & Refining the Search function

Hi. I have a couple of queries concerning RapidCart. Hope someone can help.

  1. As far as I can tell you can only search product listings by a single ‘category’ or ‘tag’ at a time. Using the demo for example, you could either search for ‘shoes’ or ‘menswear’ but not "mens’ shoes’. Is there any way around this?
    Example: http://savilerowco.com/shirts#isPage=1

  2. I have read that you can only have one RapidCart page per RapidWeaver project/ website. Is there any way around this restriction? I only need to use the ‘catalogue mode’ so don’t need any e-commerce/ shopping cart features. I think I’ve read somewhere that I may need to create a sub-domain for each additional RapidCart page.

Many thanks.


I think using the stacks that come with Rapicart Pro, along with some others, should enable you to achieve what you are looking for, answering the points you raised:

  1. I’ve used the excellent stacks 4 sacks filter stack to do exactly what you are asking, there is a great example of this in action that Will has shown on the product page.

  2. Use the product stacks that come with Rapidcart Pro to build as many custom product pages as you want, and hide the Rapidcart Pro page itself - @ben as done a great set of videos on the community site that includes how to do this in Rapidcart Pro.

Hope this helps.




Yes indeed the Filter stack from Will @willwood looks great for this and support will be a 10/10 as always.

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Hi Mark
Thanks for replying.

  • I’ll take a closer look at the stacks4stacks option. So far it looks promising. I have also recently come across the Hunter stack but not sure if it is applicable to my needs. May I come back to you if I have any questions on stacks4stacks though? The only potential weakness would be that one of my ‘catalogue’ listings (actually I would be listing restaurants amongst other things) would have in excess of the recommend 100 listings limit. Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Sorry, it may be me getting my terminology wrong (very much a newbie here). My understanding is that you can only use one RapidCart ‘store’ or, in my case, ‘catalogue’ per project. Using the example from my original post say, if SaviileRow wanted to add another separate women’s wear store to their website, they couldn’t if they were using RapidCart. Or so it seems.

Thanks again.



Looking at this (admittedly older) post, it looks like you could have multiple instances of RapidCart Pro in one project…


I know the question references multiple pages, but the response suggesting that carts having different ID’s made it sound to me like you could have multiple carts…

Managed to find this (I think Rob is one of the developers, but to add to my confusion, I think the person in your link is too). This must be the post that stuck in my head as he refers to having different domains.

Ah, there you go. As that is more recent, I’d go with that one. So, I think what you would do is you would need to keep seperate projects, and just use Offsite page types in your menu (I think?) pointing to subdomains or seperate folders on the same domain…

That’s my best guess anyway

Hi Jason,
I can’t stress enough how new I am to this so maybe I’m just confusing myself here but I thought all new pages in Rapidweaver had separate folders anyway. In which case I cannot see why, on the one hand, Rob is saying you can’t have more than one "“Pro Page” but on the other appears to be saying that you can so long as it’s on a new page.
Anyway, thanks. your clarification looks about right to me.

I think he’s talking about the web address that you identify in your General Settings, which applies to the entire project, not the individual per page folder/file name. So each RCP cart needs to have a unique web address, which could be www.example.com/category1/store and another project with web address www.example.com/category2/store

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That seems to make more sense.