Shout out to Adam at Elixir

Praise where praise is due. I use a number of Elixir products/themes, and have been astounded at the patience and diligence Adam has shown in dealing with my ignorant/novice questions when I run into a problem with a stack or theme. Adam has gone way beyond the expected in helping me sort out a question with VoyagerPro. Cheers to him for great customer support.

I should also mention that I have pestered Stuart at Yuzool and Robb at Joe Workman lately and have had outstanding support and service. It’s great to see developers who stand behind their products, and to be able to recognize their efforts. Cheers to them as well.


Thank you kindly, sir. :smile:
It’s a pleasure to play a very small part in helping folks who appreciate it.


Not a problem, really. It was an even trade. You found a bug, I fixed it. :wink:

Really appreciate the kind words though, always glad to help.


i would just like to join and chime in humbly to praise all of these dev’s. guys, you are great!
cheers, tomas


OK - I will join the bandwagon. I have only needed to reach out for help on one ocassion, but the response from team Joe Workman was fast and t the point. Kudos