Big upgrade: SmartColumns2 Stacks

I just released a big upgrade of my SmartColumns Stacks, adding new features that make these popular stacks even more versatile. Changes are big now, you won’t need any other columns stack anymore!

For those who don’t know them (yet): with the SmartColumns stacks you can make columns with an equal height that are responsive, so you can show them beneath each other below a given screen width. They come in a two, three and four column version, and each column can be styled individually, including vertical alignment. Version 2 has a bunch of new options (including fixed width columns!).

Already own version 1?
Because these stacks are completely rewritten to allow the new options and to optimize them for Stacks3, I could not make them backward compatible with version 1 unfortunately. For this reason, I offer a 50% discount to anyone who owns version 1 when upgrading to this new version. If you have version 1, look for the discount code in the info pane of any SmartColumns Stack v1* and apply that code at the checkout on the product page**.

Don’t have version 1?
Don’t worry, this is your chance to get a 25% introduction discount when you buy these stacks before July 8, 2016 when applying the discount code SC25OFF ** at the checkout on the product page.

*  The discount code is only visible in v1.3.0. Make sure your stacks are up to date!
** On the product page, use the Add to Cart button (not the Buy Now button!) to apply the discount code.
Discount codes cannot be combined.

For more information and lots of demo’s demo, please visit the product page.

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