My fiftieth stack: celebrating with a mega deal!

Dear fellow RapidWeavers,

Today I not only introduce a new stack, I also have a special, time limited offer for you!

SmartFloat Stack
I just released the SmartFloat stack — and it’s my fiftieth!

In short, this stack makes it possible to show a floating element above a wrapping element below a set screen width. This may sound simple at first, but thanks to the numerous options of the stack it is possible to float elements perfectly in every situation — or not, when the screen is too small for that.

Finally, floating elements can be fully responsive without any hassle!

You can read all about the SmartFloat Stack on the product page and see it in action on the demo site.

MEGAPACK 50: 50 stacks for €50!

As said, the SmartFloat Stack is my fiftieth. To celebrate this milestone, I have a special, time limited offer for you: all my fifty stacks for only €50.

The whole package is worth €90 for the paid stacks plus €48 if you’d pay the suggested price for the Pay What You Want stacks, so €138 in total.

That’s a discount of a whopping 64%!
(If you’d pay the suggested price for all Pay What You Want stacks — 44% if you would download them for free)

The offer will only be valid for two weeks, so if you’re interested, hop over to the MEGAPACK 50 page before the offer ends or use the link below to buy whole bunch straight away.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Marathia Web Design

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Nice work, Jeroen— congratulations!


I have a few of your stacks - always innovative and well presented.
Congratulations on 50.

Nice work, Jeroen. Really impressive. Congratulations

Blatantly bumping this thread to remind you that the MEGAPACK 50 offer expires in less than a week…

Quick reminder: only one day left for this offer!