Big Weaver's Space Update ‼️

You may have been aware of some great changes that happened on recently. I am really happy with some of the changes. I did a nice tour of the update during last week’s live stream if you want to check it out.

I am looking forward to your feedback. I hope that you enjoy all of the updates!

Redesigned Homepage

The homepage got a nice make over. The slider at the top of the page is one of my favorite additions. It really gives a clear message as to what Weaver’s Space is and how we can help you. This is great for new users that have never been to the site before.

Deal of the Week

Probably one of the bigger additions that everyone will love is the new Deal of the Week section. You probably got an email today about our first deal of the week starting today.

Tardis is on sales for the rest of the week. Save 30% off!

Now Accepting Design Submissions

I am now accepting new submissions to our designs gallery. If you have designed a website that you are proud of, please submit is to the gallery today.


I have been focusing on supplying quality events for a long time now. Why did it take me so long to have a dedicated webpage for it?!? The new Events page lets you know about what type of events we have going on.

  • Weekly Live Steams - Wednesday 11:30am PST
  • Weekly Hangouts - Friday 1:30pm PST
  • Weaver’s Space Conference - Oct 18-20, 2019 (mark your calendars, get tickets soon)

You can also subscribe to our Events Calendar.

Start Here + Cartloom

Cartloom has been added to the Start Here page as step 5. I have a lot of love for Cartloom. I hope that is shows there on the site. Be on the look out for a live stream about how I use Cartloom to run Weaver’s Space.

Improved Stacks search & filtering

The Stacks page has new and improved search and filtering capabilities. Check out the live stream from last week to see it in action.

New help widget

If you look at the bottom right corner of the site, you will notice a new help widget. Right now that indexes all of the product page and all of our youtube videos! I am working on getting my entire FAQ/knowledge base added into it as well. If you are looking for some help, give that a shot!


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