Bigfoot and RapidWeaver 7?

Hi all,

I have emailed the dev to find out if Bigfoot is compatible with RW7 but alas, no response as yet. Does anybody else have RW7 / Tesla Pro and Bigfoot? Do they work ok does anybody know. In fact, does Bigfoot work with RW7 at all as in the description it only appears to support 5 & 6, no mention of 7.

I haven’t installed RW7 yet but I’d be very surprised if Bigfoot didn’t work with it.

What’s the issue? Have you tried it with another theme?


Hi Rob,

Not yet, just thinking of buying because it looks excellent. I have RW7 and using the Tesla Pro theme.

I think it’s worth a go anyway…

Thanks for your reply so quick.

Hopefully the author @AngusMacPheep will be along soon to clarify.

Hi Nick,

I got your email but as you didn’t leave a complete email address I couldn’t reply.

Bigfoot Responsive works fine with Tesla Pro and would probably be best employed in Tesla Pro’s Extra Content Area 2, which you can learn more about here.

However, please note that with Tesla Pro the Bigfoot footer would not extend the full width of the browser window (as in many of the Bigfoot examples) because the Tesla Pro content area has a max-width of 1060px.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


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Hi Marten,

Thank you for responding and apologies about not leaving a complete email address. Senior moment I suspect.

Thanks for the links, that’s really helpful. Have you got any suggestions as to other themes which will show off the bigfoot footers?

I have now purchased Bigfoot.

Many thanks for getting back to me.