Bigfoot not rendering on 2 pages of a site

Hi Having a problem with Bigfoot footers on 2 pages of our site, Home page & contact us page. The footers are all the same and made up as a partial stack so just inserted onto every page. Everything was working fine until a page republish for a broken link (on the contact page) now the footers on these 2 pages is not rendering correctly, but the stacks render correctly on all other pages. Any suggestions please. Thanks
site is a tphotoartgb.comand

I don’t see anything obviously wrong with the footer on those two pages (Safari 11.1.2). It looks the same as on a few other pages I compared it to. Perhaps your web browser is caching an old version? Try a different browser of “private window”.

Btw, I could not accept your cookie notification on the home page. Clicking the button did nothing. Something to check on.

Hi Don

Hey thanks for that, tried clearing the cache and no joy, Private window works ok though and thanks for the pointer about our cookies notification, hadn’t noticed that the Joe Workman cookie jar had been updated and our copy of the Legacy obviously didn’t like the refresh/republish!! Thanks again.

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