Stacks 3 or RW 6.3.3 or Bricks2 AND Safari problem

Don’t know which topic to post this under, so I’ll try here first.

Here’s the problem…I’m using everything in the title of this post and started to add a portfolio made using bricks2. I’m using the Foundation theme and have updated it and all my stacks to be compatible with Stacks 3. Now, however, when I scroll to the bottom of my site in Safari there is a large amount of white space below the footer.

The site looks fine in FF, Chrome, and IE, but in Safari (on a Mac, Macbook, and in Windows) it looks unfinished with all the additional white space below the footer.

You can see what I mean if you go to using Safari and scroll to the bottom of the one page foundation site.

Please give me some input…

Thanks, Barry

Looks to be some sort of footer content that positions via JS is behaving very very slowly. It gets there eventually – and once its cached its a bit faster – but there’s a real lag.

But the culprit of that problem is a pretty small needle. And that page is a pretty big pile of hay. :wink:

My recommendation would be to make a copy of the page – and remove as much as many items from the page as possible – but keeping the problem. In other words: make a smaller pile of hay so that the need is easier to find.

Once you’re down to just a few things – you can fire off an email to the designer of the stack(s) that’s causing the problem (or to me if it looks more like a Stacks bug overall).


Thanks for the quick reply, Isaiah.

The culprit seems to be the bricks2 stack. If I remove it, the footer problem disappears in Safari. I’ve played around with bricks2 after finding that it was the ‘needle’ in the pile of hay (thanks for referring to my site as a big pile of hay, BTW ;> \

There doesn’t seem to be anything that I do to the stack that alleviates the problem. Not sure why it would only show up in Safari and no where else.

I’ll email Adam at Elixir and see what he thinks.

Thanks again…


Adam (from Elixir) suggested I remove the animation from the bottom most block of text, which was rather large (it’s the FAQ part of the single foundation page). And that did the trick.

Many thanks for the assistance.


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