Black Friday Shenanigans

Some brilliant new and freshly updated addons to get your creative juices flowing. A number of these are FREE (although sensible “pay what you want” donations are encouraged and greatly appreciated). In A-Z order…

Blank (Updated)
A major update of the blank theme, exclusively for RapidWeaver 8 and above. Now featuring checkboxes to toggle Bootstrap and Font Awesome Icon libraries on or off. A simple yet solid theme, if you have a need to start a webpage from a blank canvas, for backend utility pages or for prototyping / testing addons. Only a tiny 4 KB of code with the default settings applied!

Creates a ‘falling snow’ effect. Unlike other stacks of a similar description, Blizzard includes some extra features; like the ability for website users to turn off the effect (if they find it too annoying), and checkboxes to control which months of the year you want it to snow. Lots of other settings to customise too.

Builder (Updated)
Totally overhauled for Stacks v4. The all-new user interface lets you mix HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript code to create your very own reusable stacks. A couple of sample code experiments and projects are included to help you get started. A useful stack if you’ve discovered a particular script or plugin online, that you want to get into RapidWeaver.

For creating pure-CSS (no images), beautiful buttons. Perfect to build user-engagement and add interaction to your websites. ButtonBuilder has enough settings to let you design and deploy almost any basic button style. With added emphasis on improved accessibility and extended capabilities with other addons. The code for generated buttons can easily be copied for reuse on other pages or websites.

Embrace the often underrated HTML ‘description list’ markup to create key / value pairings of content. Description lists are incredibly versatile and their simple markup is truly fantastic for boosting website accessibility and search engine optimisation. The new DescriptionList stack lets you build and style any basic description list, without needing code to accomplish the basics. You’ll probably want to use this stack everywhere after trying it!

Works to display a list of who’s online in your Discord server. It also displays a button for website users to click and join a Discord server from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Specially optimised to include responsive sizing, improved edit mode visualisation, and light and dark themes (including auto-detection of dark mode on a computer). Plus a brilliant option to display the widget as a popup, like a chatbot window.

A brand new table stack with exceptionally good mobile compatibility. FlatPack works with nearly any theme or framework to magically convert a basic table (up to 15 columns wide) into a simplified 2-column layout on mobile. Includes many colour and style settings for making tables look prettier. Plus features like highlighted columns, CSV imports and a live filtering function.

By-far the most sophisticated flexbox-based grid stack for RapidWeaver to date, embracing the whole of the CSS Flexbox specification. A strong scaffolding for building complicated column layouts, which other column stacks sometimes lack the capability of doing. FlexBox may be tough-going for the inexperienced, but a sample project file is included that gives you a selection of ready-made examples to copy and paste into your own websites. Also works as a great educational tool, for those of you learning CSS Flexbox. FlexBox replaces AdaptiveGrid.

Creates a photogenic banner or page section block; complete with a glassmorphism-style frosted glass overlay. This could be a fun stack for creating a vivid ‘call to action’ container or to display items like inspirational quotes, poems and other creative writing. An optional credit can be displayed at the bottom right corner of the stack to let you properly attribute photographers or writers featured. Compatible with most themes, frameworks and ExtraContent containers.

Add the Font Awesome Icon library (or a wide choice of alternative free icon libraries) to your RapidWeaver websites. Easily display icons with simple code snippets; complete with an excellent choice of style and colour settings. All fully mobile responsive and optimised for high-resolution displays. Icon libraries in Iconic are self-hosted, to help simplify your mandatory compliance with stringent privacy laws.

Displays a fully customisable ‘last updated’ tagline on your webpages, telling the website user when a particular page was last published or updated. Plus the LastPublished stack has an optional feature to alert a returning visitor if something has changed recently on the page, since their last visit.

A simple image viewer optimised for displaying product variations. Could be great to use in conjunction with DonateStack or your own shopping cart buttons. Includes titles and ALT attributes for improved SEO. Specially created to fit into small spaces; like columns, sidebars and footers.

The Spatial theme could fall into the category of “ultra minimalist”. Featuring a drop-down menu system, Helvetica / Garamond font faces and a largely flat colour scheme. Offering a conventional 2-column content / sidebar layout; Spatial is a good choice for education, blogs and business websites, where you don’t want a lot of visual fanfare. I’ve included many colour and style variations to play about with. Lots more would be feasible with custom CSS code.

For creating distinctive, fully responsive banners. Topper can combine vivid photography or background video with navigation links, logo images, overlays and social media icons. Topper works great in any theme or framework, as a ‘call to action’ container. Plus it can perform some cool tricks, like sandwiching a logo between horizontal menu items or creating a video banner.

A free stack for creating a “typing text” animation effect; like text being typed on a keyboard or typewriter. This example supports HTML, Markdown and Styled Text content types. Plus it includes a couple of extra settings to help towards customising the font family, sizing and animation speeds. A blinking cursor can be added at the end of your text too.

This is an announcement thread, so please don’t post support questions here. If you have questions, please start a new forum thread or use the normal support channels. This helps ensure I won’t miss your correspondence and I can reply quicker. :+1:


Thanks Will, Your Stacks are awesome!


Awesome, Will !!

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And I am eager to test the new builder stack!

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Thanks for the great job!

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Awesome, thanks!

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