Blank place holder instead of image

Hi, I always appear to have odd problems with images.
Until yesterday in edit mode I could see all the images on all my webpages, some jpeg’s were originally just pasted in, but recently I’m putting my images in resources and taking them from there. Now today some but not all of those images are just blank image place holders. The image is still there in the view mode and when published they are fine. Even in edit I can still manipulate and configure the image, but I no longer can see it. Checking through my pages, there does not appear to be any rule why some I can’t see and others I can.
Any help would be much appreciated

I have had that issue , I assumed it was just a particular stack, for me it happens with the embed stack by Stacks4Stacks.
Which stack are you using, that would help?

I’m not using stacks or anything else, I keep to very simple pages as you can see in
And the odd things is that yesterday the images were all visible in edit mode. All the pages that were built before I started to keep my jpeg images in files in resources are all fine and visible, but those in resources are sometimes visible, sometime not, and it all changed yesterday.

Well I’m ill equipped to make suggestions except to review any changes you have made (or auto updates?)
Are you using the RW beta or have you made recent updates?
I don’t know if the Settings -> Advanced choice for site resources would play a role?
Copy into document /or/ leave in place?

Hi, thanks for the suggestions but I’m not sure where Settings is
If I copy across an image (again) from resources it stays there and later is (again) visible in edit mode.
I must have done something that messed up something, but what I’ve no idea

Do you have a link to the page, the best minds here will usually give advice if they can see and interpret the code themselves and those with a link included with their question usually get the best responses, in my experience…
You may not have done anything “wrong” but the solution could be as simple as returning to pasting the image and not using resource, temporarily. Could it be a simple image naming problem, using improper characters or a path or something? This is why I suggest including a link.

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