Images not displaying in RW7

Hi. In previous versions of RapidWeaver I’ve always been able to paste (or drag in) images into the basic text stack and have them display without any problems. With RW7 all I’m getting is the dreaded small blue icon with the question-mark, and the image is not displaying. Do I now have to change my ways, or is there a bug?

I use image stacks as well, but the ease of dropping images into the text stack was always handy.

Additionally, does anyone else have issues with images disappearing from image stacks after exiting and restarting RW7?

Im having the same kind of problem with HTML block. My link is exactly the same I used in RW6 but in preview all Im getting is a question mark. Im in discussion with Yourhead software at the mo to see if its something there end.

I’m having this same identical issue – infuriating! It basically has broken RW entirely. Useless.