Blankstrap 5.1 available now!

Hi all together,

Maybe someone remembers the first version of Blankstrap (a Bootstrap based blank theme).

With Bootstrap 5 released, also a new version of Blankstrap is available now. It’s a lot better than the original Blankstrap and comes with a small set of stacks for navigation and layout, including a carousel, accordion, and a modal stack. Additional things like sidebar navigation, dark theme support, etc. will be included in future. It’s open source, if there is someone interested in helping out, let me know.

Blankstrap 5 tries to minimise the superfluous DIV tags in the generated RW and Stacks code with the supplied stacks. With this, knowledge about Bootstrap 5 and its CSS classes is mandatory.
Nevertheless all existing other 3rd party stacks are able to be used with their know settings like padding and margin.

Blankstrap 5 will be the base for additional developments, like Repository Stack 2.

Documentation is work in progress and will be extended over time. First movers can jump on and have a look. I am already using it productivity on my own website, which reduced the overall size of it by at least 50%.



Blankstrap 5.1 just released, including:

Next steps on the roadmap: Further styling possibilities and deeper dark mode integration.

Have fun!


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